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***FREE Alex's Mini Fighting Swords (one silver and one bronze)
with a purchase of a Duncan MacLeod Red/White or Connor MacLeod Sunburst Coffee Mug***

***FREE exclusive DVD interview with Clancy Brown, “The Kurgan” with the purchase of any Highlander DVD collection set.***

Highlander Specials

Highlander DVD Set - The Immortal Collection 129.99
The beautifully packaged Immortal Collection in a gorgeous library case filled with all six seasons and The Raven. Also includes The Source Soundtrack CD, and Reunion on DVD.
The Kurgan Sword 379.00
The master blade smiths at Marto of Spain have in exact menacing detail recreated a precise replica of the Kurgan sword, from the most sinister of Immortals, that wreaked such havoc in the classic Highlander film!
HIGHLANDER, Original Director's Cut DVD 12.95
This hard to find Special Edition is available while supplies last. Don't miss out on completing your DVD collection, buy now while supplies last!
Selected by Fans

Highlander Season 1 on DVD

The legendary premiere season of HIGHLANDER: The Series!
Our Price: $23.95

Duncans Katana Red Scabbard

Individually hand-crafted by master artisans using centuries-old techniques, this sword is inspired by the Katana of Duncan MacLeod.
Our Price: $199.00

Highlander Reunion

A new story with Methos, Amanda and Joe; original song and music video; tons of behind the scenes photos.
Our Price: $9.95

Immortal Collection Collector's Box

Beautiful collector's case for your set of Highlander DVDs.
Our Price: $10.95

20th Anniversary Limited Edition Duncan Duende Rapier

No other series presented and preserved the art and traditions of swordsmanship with HIGHLANDER’s unparalleled levels of integrity and honor. At the pinnacle of The Legend's excellence stands the series’ extraordinary 102nd episode, “Duende.”
Our Price: $249.00

Highlander Designer T-shirts - SIGNED!

NEW! Long & short sleeved shirts designed by Christopher Lambert.
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