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Highlander Specials

Highlander DVD Set - The Immortal Collection 129.99
The beautifully packaged Immortal Collection in a gorgeous library case filled with all six seasons and The Raven. Also includes The Source Soundtrack CD, and Reunion on DVD.
The Kurgan Sword 849.00
The master blade smiths at Marto of Spain have in exact menacing detail recreated a precise replica of the Kurgan sword, from the most sinister of Immortals, that wreaked such havoc in the classic Highlander film!
HIGHLANDER, Original Director's Cut DVD 12.95
This hard to find Special Edition is available while supplies last. Don't miss out on completing your DVD collection, buy now while supplies last!
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Highlander Designer T-shirts - SIGNED!

NEW! Long & short sleeved shirts designed by Christopher Lambert.
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Highlander Season 5 on DVD

Highlander Season Five includes some of the Legend's most creative, classic and shocking episodes of all time.
Our Price: $23.95

(Autograph Available) Scripts - All Episodes

Unsigned and autographed scripts from the Highlander series! See autograph details below.
Our Price: $28.95

Autographed Kurgan Broadsword

For a limited time only, a few Kurgan Broadsword will be wet autographed by the producer of the Highlander motion picture and television franchise, Peter S. Davis.
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Autographed "Original" Duncan's Katana

For a limited time, this craftsman blade is wet autographed by Adrian Paul and Peter S. Davis!
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Methos Edition "Excalibur" Sword

Hand polished stainless steel blade, measures approximately 48”.
Our Price: $400.00