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Hercules Black Leather Jacket, SM

This quality leather jacket features Hercules logos on front & back!

Hercules Black Leather Jacket, XS

Genuine leather with Hercules logos on front & back!

Hercules Black Satin "Crew" Jacket

Own this legendary Hercules crew jacket!

Hercules Iolaus T-Shirt, LG

This green t-shirt is dedicated to Iolaus, the closest ally of Hercules!

Hercules Iolaus T-Shirt, XL

This t-shirt features the great friend of Hercules, Iolaus!

Hercules Leather Snapshot Album (Cognac)

Keep your most cherished photos in this Hercules photo album!

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Also available are digital color Photographs of your favorite stars from both the TV series and the movie.

1)  They are available in 4X6 digital, color photos of our stars signing merchandise, swords, and the Hollywood Hands of Fame.  Available either unsigned or autographed.

2)  Also available are 8X10 high quality production stills from the original Highlander movie and TV series. Your favorites in memorable scenes from both the series and the movie.

Please call 1-800-959-2481 or 1-800-313-7094 for ordering information and pricing.