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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys spanned six seasons of action and adventure, running from 1995 to 1999 and winning seven awards, including Top TV Series at the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards and Best Director at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards. Hercules has grown to be a favorite show among many adventure aficionados worldwide.



Hercules Season 1 DVD Set

Season One Includes All Five Action-Packed Hercules Movies and 13 Season One Episodes!

Hercules Season 2 DVD Set

Season Two on DVD marks another milestone for Hercules' fans.

Hercules Season 3 DVD Set

Season Three is an excellent gift for getting a friend into the series, and a must-have for any Herc collector.

Hercules Season 4 DVD Set

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Season Four on DVD is an essential addition to any Hercules DVD library.

Hercules Season 5 DVD Set

With hours of bonus material, this spectacular digitally re-mastered Collector's Set is an essential addition for fans of the legendary adventures.

Hercules Season 6 DVD Set

This is it...eight exciting, action packed episodes bidding our hero farewell

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One thing many self-proclaimed Hercules fans may find lacking in their lives is a convenient and all-inclusive place to find Hercules DVDs. It may sound simple enough, but tracking down affordable DVDs from a trusted online source tends to be a difficult task when it comes down to it. At Legendary Heroes, Hercules fans can find all six seasons for a reasonable price of $19.95 each. If you're missing a season from your collection or simply want to give one to a friend as a gift, Legendary Heroes can meet all your needs, and they can do so because Legendary Heroes is the premiere site for sci-fi and adventure collectibles.


If your Hercules collection is still on VHS and you're looking to update the collection to a more aesthetically pleasing and technologically logical accruement, we have Hercules: The Ultimate Journeys Collection. This collection includes all six action-packed seasons and five movies, fully remastered in the original full-frame presentation and with all-new Dolby Surround 5.1 sound. This collection will look and sound amazing in every way possible. The bonus discs come packed with extensive production designs, director and actor bios, and special featurettes and bloopers.


Your curiosity and Hercules interests will be satiated at Legendary Heroes, where a fan can find anything and everything they need to form their own unique Hercules entertainment collection.