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Swords and Weaponry

20th Anniversary Ltd Edition Kronos Sword

Own this special twentieth anniversary signature edition of the legendary Kronos sword!

Amanda's Signature Sword

The sword of Amanda, the Queen of Thieves. Sale on All Swords, Limited Time.
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Blue Dragon Katana

Hand polished stainless steel blade, measures approximately 43” in length.

Clan MacLeod Sword with Box

Within the history of this proud 43" broadsword lies sweeping tales of glory and heartache for Connor MacLeod. Sale on All Swords, Limited Time.
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Claymore Monarch Edition Sword (Silver)

The silver claymore of Duncan and Clan MacLeod!

Claymore Royal Edition Sword (Gold)

The gold claymore of Duncan and Clan MacLeod!

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First produced after September 11, 2001, this sword was and is a collector’s piece to honor the greatest country in the world. The American Spirit Sword represents the unsurpassed artistry and masterwork of the finest sword maker, Marto. From the majestic glimmer of the sleek, beveled blade to the encased Statue of Liberty atop the pommel, to the 50 stars sparkling from the handle. The “Freedom” Edition sword has an antique finished, pewter style handle illuminates the bronze tone of the eagle cross and pommel and creates a powerful presence and beauty throughout this sensational piece.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and Documents of Freedom. Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are beautifully reproduced on antiqued parchment. These are authentic reproductions of the originals in the National Archives in Washington D.C. Each measures 13 ¾ X 15 ¾, ready for framing.

This Hand-Forged 420 Stainless Steel blade measures 48” from pommel to tip. Pommel displays the Statue of Liberty encased in a glass oval supported upon the wings of an American Bald Eagle. Cross measures 8” and sweeps and tapers into hand-carved American Eagle head and features the United States motto, E. Pluribus Unum “Out of One, Many.” A collection of eight different heritage symbols of American are etched upon the blade base. Scales of Justice medallion adorns centerpiece as well as the Davis-Panzer logo.

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