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Callisto Bobble Head

Callisto bobble heads are colorful and fun!

Warrior Princess Anthology DVD Set

The Xena: Warrior Princess Anthology on DVD with Xena 10th Anniversary DVD Collection. Every Wild Battle! Every Hot Scene! Every Classic Episode!

Warrior Princess Collector's Box

Already started your Xena DVD collection?

Xena Bobble Head

Xena bobble heads are colorful and fun!

Xena Chakram Pin

Chakram pin from the popular series.

Xena Season Five DVD Collection

In a collection of episodes like no other, Xena's extraordinary fifth season ratchets up the intrigue with a spellbinding episode-to-episode storyline.

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We also have posters from all seasons available as well as other Xena collectibles.  Please contact our call center for further information and pricing at 1-800-313-7094 or 1-800-959-2481.

Xena: Warrior Princess, often regarded as one of the most popular television series of the 90s, boasts six action-packed seasons. These six seasons are made available to fans through Legendary Heroes, the premiere site for sci-fi and adventure collectibles.

On, Xena fans can conveniently find all six seasons for a reasonable price of $22.99 each. The Warrior Princess Anthology DVD Set makes the perfect gift for the ultimate Xena fan. It includes all six seasons of the show, along with the 10th anniversary DVD collection presented in a library quality boxed set. The 51-disc set includes all 134 episodes Xena fans have grown to love, in addition to three bonus CD-ROMs chock full of trivia, interviews, and actor, writer, and director bios. Everything you have ever wanted to know about Xena can be found in this unique visually and audio stimulating gift set.

If you already own a few (or all) of the seasons and wish to form your own visually aesthetic box set, the collectors box provided with the Anthology DVD set is also for sale. For a low price of $11.95, any Xena fan can create their own Warrior Princess Anthology DVD Set without having to buy duplicate seasons that they may already own.

With US shipping charges as low as $5.95 and never exceeding $17.95 and privacy protection, you can now make your Xena: Warrior Princess collection complete without the monetary stress and privacy qualms that often accompany an online purchase. So if you're looking for an easy way to complete your Xena collection or simply introduce the series to a friend, Legendary Heroes has you covered in every way.