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Hercules Season 1 DVD Set

Season One Includes All Five Action-Packed Hercules Movies and 13 Season One Episodes!
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Long Ago... In a time of myth and legend, when ancient gods plagued man with suffering - only one man dared to challenge their power. Hercules! This spectacular collection brings together all five full-length action-packed movies starring Kevin Sorbo as Hercules and Anthony Quinn as Zeus.

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Meighan Desmond, Kevin Smith, Robert Trebor

Director: Mark Beesley, Timothy Bond
Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 1040 Minutes
DVD Features

  • 7 disc set featuring all 24 episodes plus a bonus CD-ROM
  • Fully remastered in the original full frame presentations
  • All-new Dolby Surround 5.1
  • Audio & Video Commentary from Kevin Sorbo & Michael Hurst
  • Director and Actor Bios
  • Hercules Chronicles
  • Hercules Screen Saver
  • Photo Gallery
  • Series Trivia


  1. The Wrong Path
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. The Road to Calydon
  4. Festival of Dionysus
  5. Ares
  6. As Darkness Falls
  7. Pride Comes Before a Brawl
  8. The March to Freedom
  9. The Warrior Princess
  10. Gladiator
  11. The Vanishing Dead
  12. The Gauntlet
  13. Unchained Heart