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Highlander DVD Set - The Immortal Collection

The beautifully packaged Immortal Collection in a gorgeous library case filled with all six seasons and The Raven. Also includes The Source Soundtrack CD, and Reunion on DVD.
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You can now enjoy the epic Highlander saga in its entirety with this exclusive and definitive Highlander DVD set. The Immortal Collection brings you all six seasons of The Highlander and The Raven, as well as the Source Soundtrack CD, and the Reunion DVD. Taking you from the gripping series premiere all the way to its breathtaking finale, this boxed set packs an epic punch.

Beautifully packaged in a gorgeous library case and with over 3000 minutes of exciting bonus content that are only available in this exclusive collector’s edition boxed DVD set, the Immortal Collection is a must-have addition to any Highlander fan’s entertainment library.