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Xena Specials

Xena Original Chakram 260.00
Xena's legendary Chakram from the series!
Selected by Fans

Gabrielle's Katana with Scabbard

The deadly and beautiful katana wielded by Gabrielle can now be yours!
Our Price: $195.00

Kendo Bamboo Shinai

The Shinai Bamboo Sword/Kendo Stick is designed for balance and reliability.
Our Price: $15.99

Xena: Parka/Rain Pullover, XS

This vintage, limited quantity black rain pullover will keep you dry in any warrior type situations!
Our Price: $8.95

Xena Bobble Head

Xena bobble heads are colorful and fun!
Our Price: $4.95

Callisto Bobble Head

Callisto bobble heads are colorful and fun!
Our Price: $4.95

Xena Season Four DVD Collection

From the darkly tragic storyline emerges a season of heart-wrenching tales.
Our Price: $22.99